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Expedition to Angria Bank
Angria Bank is a shallow sunken atoll situated 105 km off the coast of Maharashtra. The region supports a rich diversity of corals, algae, fish and marine megafauna, and therefore serves as an ideal site at which to initiate our efforts. This film documents the expedition carried out by the Centre for Marine Living Resources and Ecology (CMLRE), the Mangrove Cell- Maharashtra Forest Department, the Indian Institute of SCUBA Diving and Aquatic Sports (IISDA) and the Wildlife Conservation Society – India (WCS-India) to initiate the process of facilitating the notification of Angria Bank as a Marine Protected Area.

A Film by Jolchhobi

Our Roles:
Direction, Edit and Sound Design: Nefertiti Chakrabarti
Cinematography: Arnav Kakar and Nefertiti Chakrabarti
Sound Recording and Colour Grade: Arnav Kakar

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