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Voice of Nature

In a nutshell, the new draft Environment Impact Assessment 2020 was an attempt to weaken environmental regulation and silence affected communities.
(via Down to Earth)

To know more:

We created this call to action film during the Covid-19 lockdown to harness voices for our ecosystems.

A film by Jolchhobi


Narrated by Naseeruddin Shah, Kalki and Malishka Mendonsa

Written, Directed and Edited by Nefertiti Chakrabarti

Produced by Arnav Kakar and Nefertiti Chakrabarti

Cinematography by Arnav Kakar and Nefertiti Chakrabarti

Music by Bindhumalini Narayanaswami and Vasu Dixit

Sound Mixing by Vinod Sreedhar

Sound Design and Colour Grade by Nefertiti Chakrabarti

Translated to Hindi by Svabhu Kohli, Salil Chaturvedi, Malvika Tiwari and Saurav Roy


Special thank you to Prahlad Kakar and Abishek Majumdar

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